in my "how to read this" section of the book, i say there are people from all religions, sexualities and genders included. this is really no exception. my friend tyler once said that people have to stop assuming that everyone is a straight Christian, and he's right, because not everyone is. here is an extremely important poem by one of my closest friends, audrey, who happens to be agnostic, and one of the most hilarious people i've ever met in my life. this is their reality. 

church. choir. glory to god.
never felt the glory,
little queer kid never felt loved.
big white man with a long beard up on a cloud somewhere, watching me.
my parents never really raised me religious but i still went to church.
god and i had a little falling out. 
i was never a christian even though i've been baptized.
the big white man in the sky isn't real to me. (and if he is, he's not white.)
my father is my father, with all his flaws, and i have none other.
it's not that i don't think god exists,
i think he just
rainforest falls to our hands every passing day,
and while companies privatize our groundwater,
icebergs melt until by 2030 we will have no more.
we destroy unapologetically and we should be ashamed,
and god is ashamed of us.
we have done so much with what we have been given,
and we cannot repair the damage.
if god were looking at me,
i don't know what he'd see. 
i am a queer kid who has never fit right.
but the church told me god hates me.
the church told me if i love a woman,
god will turn his back to me.
this never really mattered to me,
because to us,
he already has.

less than two weeks, my friends. happy friday. love, jocelyn.