i don't know what to say. there are 0 days left. the book comes out in less than three hours, print and digital. and it still doesn't seem real. i still haven't cried, which is something i feel like i have to do to solidify things. but. i don't know. i just keep thinking about how this is all for you, because i love you, and i want the best for you. and it's for all of you - even those of you who aren't breathing anymore. you never lose your value, even when you've left the earth. 

ha, i don't know what to say anymore. my mind's a mess and i don't know what i'm going to do when midnight hits. but i have a timer on and some orange juice nearby. i just hope you love it as much as i do. 

to those of you who kept breathing to get to this point. to those of you who did not. welcome home, my loves. it's almost time. love, jocelyn.