over the next, like, two weeks, up until the official launch of TEOMF, we're going to have a conversation. we're going to talk about some of the things we've gone through (or the things we're still going through), and why TEOMF helps with that. why does TEOMF make you brave? why does TEOMF give you a voice? that's what we're here to find out. here's an entry from dear friend who deserves all the love she can give.

"she became like a weight on your back, dragging you down even though you tried to lift her up. it became unhealthy. i doubt she'll ever try and enter my life again. not as long as i keep being 'too pretty' and my life continues to be 'too perfect.' honestly it still kinda hurts that something trivial would drive someone away from me even though i cared about them... i just. i tried so hard to be supportive and understanding and i kinda used to look up to her for her intelligence and stuff (before i started seeing some flaws in her logic and beliefs) ...and in the end she rejected me because i was 'pretty.' it was kinda a slap in the face because the main thing behind my anorexia was me feeling like my body was all that mattered, like people (including myself) couldn't see past my looks and see me, so they became the thing that defined me. what i needed was someone loving me, not rejecting me because of the thing i felt defined me when it didn't and shouldn't have. does that make sense? overcoming the anorexia was about me realizing i'm worth more than just a pretty face. and then someone stops being my friend because i'm 'too pretty,' despite how understanding and patient and helpful i tried to be. i still worry about her and what's gonna become of her, and i want to help her. but i'm also still hurt and pissed and confused. 

TEOMF gives me a voice because i always hear the story from the side of the person who's leaving. no one ever talks about what it's like to be left, and when they do, no one listens. i feel like this time, people will listen."

17 days until launch. have a fantastic monday, friends. love, jocelyn.