we asked you to write something you wish you'd be able to do as a teenager, tag it #teomf and post in on social media. i'm overwhelmed by the response and wanted to spotlight a few. or several, all from my dear friend named katy, who didn't mind that i used her name. she's really a brave one. 

- i wish people wouldn't have helped me with anything when i was younger. i'm so afraid of being independent now. 

- i wish someone knew that my anxiety was so bad before school that i threw up every morning. 

- i wish i had that one best friend - the one main characters always have in movies and tv shows - the one you tell everything to - the one you do everything with - the one who shows you the tough love you need - the one you get in trouble with... i wish i had that one best friend, even now.

- i wish wishing actually did something. 

- i wish some people could understand that sometimes i really can't - i'd never wish this kind of pain on anyone. but i wish they knew what it felt like so they could understand. 

- i wish someone was always there to just hold me when i completely broke down - no talking, just comfort. 

- i wish i could learn to love myself faster.

- i wish i didn't have to cry so much. 

- i wish i could stress about something, learn to be okay with it, and be done. not overthink it every time it comes to mind. 

- i wish i could just "not worry about it."

she is under immense pressure to be happy because that's what her family is known for. she is afraid to show any emotion lest someone ask her if she's okay and she finds herself unable to respond. sometimes, she feels as though she doesn't have anyone to turn to. and TEOMF has given her a voice, because this is one of the first times she's been able to express her feelings in a safe and healthy way. sometimes self-care is getting it out. and we have to be mindful of other people's experiences, because they always go through it differently than you. 

16 more days. much love, jocee.